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A writer by predilection, an aunt by blessing and a friend by choice, Shelley has spent many years journaling before sitting down to draft her first novel. She has a B.A. in English discourse and is currently working on her third romantic-suspense, the title of which will be announced soon pending publication. Shelley is a member of the Romance Writers of America as well as her RWA state chapter of the Maryland Romance Writers.
"I love story-telling. It's a way to live an experience through the eyes of a character." - Shelley N. Greene

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The A to Z Blogging Challenge!

Hi everyone!

We're going from seeing too little of me to too much.  LOL.

To help streamline my blog, and to act as a great daily writing practice, I've joined Sarah in the 2012 A to Z Writing Challenge!

Starting April 1st, I'm going to post one blog entry every day, starting with A and corresponding with every letter of the alphabet until we reach the letter Z.

Each entry and letter will be writing related, allowing me to stretch my creative muscles and to see how I fare at this challenge of blogging skill.

I hope everyone will check in with me each day, I look forward to keeping it brief, informative and fun!