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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sarah's Poor Foot...

This is just a short story I wanted to share from the conference...

It’s been a month since the RWA conference and Sarah and I are still reveling in all the information we picked up from our time in New York.  Every moment was informative and entertaining, and one of Sarah’s blog posts about the trip sparked a memory for me (if I may throw out this quick story).  Before flying out to meet me in Maryland, Sarah had unexpectedly injured her pinky toe and suspected that it was broken. (It was black and blue and swollen - we have pictures.)  And while she iced it down every night, she never once complained.  Aside from modest mentions that she may need to “sit a minute," she was a trooper. 

            And while the hotel had approximately 18 elevators, there was a typically long wait, especially  during the high volume times (the end of workshops and at meal times).  Our room was on the 10th floor, and  while many of the events were held on the 6th, we could only sneak up to the 9th floor using the escalators. For everything else we had to wait our turn because of that pesky deferential of one floor. It was a challenge to find the stairs because the hotel really didn't want you using them unless in the event of an emergency.  But when you get a group of determined women together, nothing can stop you.  ;0)

 The night of the RITA awards dinner we were waiting patiently with four other authors for the elevator, all of us looking very nice in our heels and evening dresses.  We got to be fast friends with the other ladies, and as it took way too long for the elevator, we conspiratorially opted to hit the stairs.

            Sarah, go-hard in her heels with a sprained baby toe, bravely hoofed it down the narrow concrete steps without protest, and the six of us talked as we trekked.  One of the authors said, “This would be a great plot for a book.”  Another cohort then chimed in, “Seven courageous women lifted their skirts and trudged down the stairwell, all dressed for a party…”

             Sarah laughed. “It can be a round-robin story—we’ll each take a chapter.”

            “I’d read that,” I said. “One of the courageous women walking on a broken toe,” I quipped.

            “You’re tromping downstairs with a broken toe?” another lady asked concernedly and Sarah nodded.

            “That sucks," she responded. "Cute shoes though…” she added.

Lol.  It was a wild time.  


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  1. Haha, that stairwell was like a freakin' bunker! I'm not sure when I've seen a more narrow set of stairs...EVER. :-P My shoes were pretty cute, though.