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A writer by predilection, an aunt by blessing and a friend by choice, Shelley has spent many years journaling before sitting down to draft her first novel. She has a B.A. in English discourse and is currently working on her third romantic-suspense, the title of which will be announced soon pending publication. Shelley is a member of the Romance Writers of America as well as her RWA state chapter of the Maryland Romance Writers.
"I love story-telling. It's a way to live an experience through the eyes of a character." - Shelley N. Greene

Sunday, December 20, 2015


This time of year brings about a lot of traditions.

I feel as if Christmas and New Years are similar in that everyone is preparing for a new beginning. On Christmas Day we show the love and understanding we have for those closest to us in the gifts that we give. Some presents are tools for work, some are tools for play, some in jest, but they are all given in support of the recipient.

We want our loved ones to be happy and equipped to begin a New Year.

Resolutions act the same way. Just like when you set a big goal for yourself, and you break down the steps into manageable pieces, resolutions are the aspirations that you look forward to becoming reality.

As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, I’m an avid scrapbooker – it’s my nerdly joy. I derive much pleasure from taking the pictures, and creatively arranging them on the page with short stories and mementos.

Images and words have always been my passion.

I create a 12x12 book for every year, and they each begin the same way: A “Buh-Bye” page showing the previous year’s world/pop-culture events, followed by a “Resolutions” page.

Unlike the typical “lose ten pounds” on the list, I’m careful to include specific, special events. While “Pay down two credit cards” inevitably ranks, I make sure that it comes after the important stuff.

As the year progresses, I add to the “Buh-byes” and check back on my resolutions, until the 31st of December rolls around, when the reverie begins all over again.

In the vein of my “Smile[s] of the Day”, the list comes to life at its end-of-year review. I sit cross-legged on my floor and flip through the pages, relishing all the memories: elation, joy, sadness, love, and challenge.

The rule of threes seems inherent in the results, the “Resolution Fruition” as I call it.

·        One-third came true as expected, as if made manifest by intent and will.
·        One-third fell by the wayside, due to either lack of opportunity or preparation.
·        One-third was a complete surprise, the Universe throwing in a treat that I never saw coming.

I haven’t performed the great recap yet this year, but I already know that 2015 was something else. There were moments that shook me, but in turn, helped me grow.

The woman who sat down crossed-legged last year is not the same one who will plop down next week, and that in-itself is amazing.

The holidays symbolize the passing of time in so many ways: Short-days, the patriarch of Santa Claus. The Capricorn image of Father Time is followed by the Aquarian icon of Baby New Year. Time passes slowly when bored, but goes by too fast after the sand hits the bottom of the hourglass.

Time teaches, it heals, and it tests the validity of your goals.

It’s funny how much time gives although we struggle against it.

And with a full, grateful heart, and an appreciation of life’s rhythm fresh in my mind, I will be drafting my 2016 Resolutions.

I can guarantee some interesting new items will be on the list for the New Year, and I look forward to seeing how many of them come true.

-         - SNG