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A writer by predilection, an aunt by blessing and a friend by choice, Shelley has spent many years journaling before sitting down to draft her first novel. She has a B.A. in English discourse and is currently working on her third romantic-suspense, the title of which will be announced soon pending publication. Shelley is a member of the Romance Writers of America as well as her RWA state chapter of the Maryland Romance Writers.
"I love story-telling. It's a way to live an experience through the eyes of a character." - Shelley N. Greene

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

J is for JOURNAL

There are no limits how, where or what you write.  

            For years I wrote only for myself, journals of my thoughts and memories.  I pull out my notebooks every once in a while, and appreciate them anew.   Some entries are written when happy, contemplative, frustrated and pensive.  Many document an event that I’d long since forgotten about, bringing out a smile at the memory.  

While the mind is a powerful instrument, it doesn’t retain everything.  Journals are a way to hold on to it all. 

             Randomly flipping open one notebook, I revisited a day when I stood in line at the craft store, a little boy playing nearby with a rubber glitter ball that bounced my way.  Catching it with my free hand, I returned it him, for which he politely thanked me.  A simple memory, but one that I’m thankful to have preserved.  

             This blog is like a journal, too.  It’s a place to document my reflections.  The A to Z challenge has enabled me to practice and helped me become diligent in getting the writing done. 

            The only side-effects with journaling (and blogging) is that I do find it hard to get back into manuscript voice.  Third person drafting is primarily He, She, It, while journals allow for more freedom. 

            As much as I preach about being consistent with narrative voice, I’m a hypocrite with it while off-stage writing.  I consider this blog and my journals to be “no holds barred” areas.  Commonly referred to as “Stream of Consciousness” writing, where it follows your train of thought.  I call it my “stream all over the place” writing because I'm a weird thinker, bouncing in and out of First, Second and Third voice.  It’s weird and informal, but it helps me differentiate from character script. 

I treat blogging like I’m talking to a friend; part personal opinion, part advice, part storytelling.

            And whether you journal, diary, scrapbook or blog, it’s a great outlet.  Keep at it and watch your style and expression develop.

“Keep a diary and one day it'll keep you.” ― Mae West


Tomorrow is another interesting letter:  K is for KINK.            

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  1. How true...journals are very personal, and we record some of our most private moments, even if they don't seem like they'd mean anything to outsiders...like the boy with the ball. Clearly that meant something to you, or else you would have promptly forgotten about it. Awesome entry!