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Friday, April 13, 2012


Keeping it super simple tonight.   Literature. 

Required reading in school and the staple of intellectualism in life.

I’ll confess that I’ve read many of the great works solely because a teacher made me. However I understand, looking back, why they're important to slug through.

It’s not every day that a book comes along that manages to capture a time, a principle or human state of mind so poignantly that the reader is forever transformed afterwards.

I took a quiz on Facebook one time called “Have you read 6?”  Out of one hundred titles of classic literature, it turns out that I'd had read twenty, the list including authors Austen, Bronte, Dumas and Steinbeck.

Such themes:  Love and caste systems, suffering and strength, loyalty and vengeance, poverty and survival.

The way literature captures the conflict and character, it’s the kind of writing that teaches and makes you think.

There are a few books that have opened my mind that aren’t on the list, but that’s okay.  Even if not seen, the principles remain. 


Tomorrow – M is for MANUSCRIPT.



  1. I used to read for the new ideas expressed and my mind would follow each thought and expand. I hardly ever read published books now days. Way too busy. If ever I should take a break from my computer--and I begin to wonder if that will ever happen after this Z - Z challenge--I'll read a new book.


    1. Hi Francene,

      So sorry for the late reply. I'm there with you, it'd be nice to have a whole day to nothing but read. There is no time anymore. :0)

      Thanks for stopping by!


  2. Literature is so subjective, and it tough because so many of us have it ruined for us by over-enthusiastic English teachers in high school who have to analyze every little detail about the stories, relevant or not. If I'd just picked up some of these books on my own, I'm sure I would have enjoyed them more instead of feeling like they were forced on me. I do like the idea that literature teaches you and makes you think. Great job!

    1. Hey Lady,

      Yeah, there were a few thrown at me, too. It's nice when you can enjoy them naturally, but I'll admit that it's not really leisure reading. You usually have to be assigned it. Thanks for checking in!