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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Z is for ZONES #AtoZChallenge

Hello and welcome to our last post of the A to Z Blog Challenge!

Me - Twenty-nine days ago:

Me - Yesterday:

Just kidding. Sort of. It’s been a wild ride. Lol.

I got all sentimental yesterday because it is bittersweet when you reach the end of any endeavor, and this one has been a good time.

So – without further ado, I give you our final letter – Z is for ZONES.

When I drafted the outline for this sprint, I initially thought the topic of Zones was too anticlimactic, but I soon changed my view. Zones are really a culmination of all the previous letter techniques, which makes it a perfect Z with which to end my scrapbooking theme.

Zones are important because they are the areas of the scrapbook page. I like to think of this as a grid on the 12x12 (or any size) paper.

The readers’ eye travels across these areas, and are drawn to a pattern based on the sequence and focal points of the photos.

There are many zone patterns:




Meander (Snake)

The Spiral. This example is from a digital scrapbook.

I love how digital allows for you to blow up a single photo to the fill the full 12x12 page. It makes it where the eye can start in the center of the page and radiate outward.

And to finish with the letter of the day –


“Snap in Z-formation!”
(I've always wanted to do that. Lol.)

Zones allow you to direct and shape the patterns of your scrapbook pages.

And so ends my scrapbooking edition of the A to Z Blog Challenge. It’s been a pleasure to post and talk scrapbooking shop with you.

If you have a chance, I encourage you to browse back through the blogs and letters of my fellow AtoZers. From movies, to yoga, to art, and poetry, there’s so many wonderful themes represented this year. You can find them by scrolling through the comment links at the bottom of my posts, or by searching the keyword “A to Z Blog Challenge 2017” online.

To all who have taken the time to read my blog, I thank you so much for your support.

For more posts on life, writing, and scrapbooking, please stop back by in the future, I’ll be here in the Bloggerverse at The Comparative Narrative.

See you soon!

-         Shelley  J


  1. It is always bittersweet to come to the end. I enjoyed reading your scrapbooking posts. I use zones on my pages but never really thought about it. I have a spiral one I did that included all the books my daughter was reading at the time (she was young) and I loved the impact on the page of using that zone style. WeekendsInMaine

  2. I thought you might have done zentangle. I never thought of this but it's great because we all use zones when creating something.