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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

V is for VELLUM #AtoZChallenge

Hi and Happy Wednesday!  It’s the final week of the A to Z Blog Challenge and my theme this month is scrapbooking.

You know that we are rounding the end of the alphabet when we hit today’s letter – V is for VELLUM.

Vellum is parchment made from calf skin, as opposed to that from other animals. It is used primarily for writing or printing on, to produce single pages, scrolls, codices or books. (I'm not sure if there is such a thing as "faux vellum" for those of us who are pro-animal rights.)

In scrapbooking, vellum creates a soft opaque overlay to images and paper, which gives a gossamer veil kind of look.
My first example is one that you saw in the R is for RIBBON post.

The top area of the 12x12 page is pink and cream patterned, and then the ribbon transitions the paper into a muted vellum.

To give a second example, I pulled out my beloved die cut machine.
I cut a solid vellum heart and open frame, as well as coordinating hearts from velvet and Valentine patterned paper stock.
The velvet on vellum gave a textured look to the misty backdrop.

The vellum frame also created a neat “coming into focus” effect with the pattern on the cardstock.

Both of these embellishments would look great on a 12x12 love themed page.

Vellum cuts outs also work well over photos.

Here the frame makes the subject the center of attention.

Or, a solid vellum shape can act as an accent.

Anyway way you use it, vellum is a cool way to add impact to your scrapbook page.

Okay, guys – we’re counting it down. Only FOUR letters left to go!

If you have the chance, please leave a comment, and check out the awesome V-posts of my fellow AtoZ Blogsters.

And please come back tomorrow for more scrapbooking madness – W is for WATERCOLOR.

See you soon!

-         SNG


  1. I've only ever done digital scrapbooking but I've used my picture editing software to create a similar effect. :-)

    Cait @ Click's Clan

    1. Hi Click! Nice to meet you. There are many aspects of digital scrapbooking that are so fun. I love the way you can blow up a photo into a 12x12 page. Filters, too. It's so easy to make a vignette or add a sepia tone. Thanks for the comment!

  2. I love vellum and use it in many ways. One can stamp on it, colour and it's great in pergamano.